How to prepare for the first class?

Our first lesson is approaching and we cannot wait to meet you!

Are you wondering how to prepare for it?

  • Don't forget to go through the materials on our platform. It's super important! Both the online classes and self-study are an integral part of our course, and none of them should be skipped. We also do our best to prepare fun&engaging learning materials, and we'll be happy to see you enjoy. 😊 If you're not sure how to log into the platform, check our instructions here.

  • Install Zoom on your computer. You're not sure how? We prepared a short instruction for you, check it here.

  • Before the lesson starts, open the Zoom link (you can find it on the platform) and join the meeting. Make sure to log in at least 10 minutes before, ok? Just in case you need any help.  😊

It would be awesome if you could join the lesson using your computer. Our students find it much more convenient than logging through the phone. But if your phone is all you have at hand, then that's ok too! The important thing is that you join us.

We're so excited to meet you!